Autumn is here

The majority of our time is spent creating our coffee bars at events throughout the UK and Europe, and with thousands of events occurring throughout the year we have noticed the number of stands with coffee bars are increasing.

The reason for this? People visiting shows often get drawn onto different stands if they are offered something in return. In the past promotional materials such as pens, key-rings or even mugs have helped to get people in, but with these items you may not get the leads that you need. A bespoke coffee bar is different.

As the preparation time for a coffee is a couple of minutes, you will find people waiting for a drink. This time is a perfect opportunity to start up a conversation to see why your existing or potential client is visiting you.

Though this works well all year round, as the autumn nights have started to draw in and the temperature is dropping, why not consider hiring in our coffee bars and barista service to add something a bit special to your exhibition stand?

Please fill in our form here or call us on 01423 501652 for further details on what we can offer you.