The quality of our coffee is at the heart of our success.

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The coffee we use is one of the most important elements to delivering a successful event and this can be tailored to your specification.

The roasters we work with roast single origin coffees and work very closely to the seasons of the coffee growing world, ensuring we buy and serve the most freshly harvested green beans. We regularly use 2 grinders, 1 for espresso and 1 for milk based drinks to enable clients to sample of lightly roasted espresso or a more chocolatey Flat White. We like to use coffee that is traceable back to the grower and farm. In 2018 we travelled to Costa Rica and Nicaragua, meeting some of the farmers that have grown beans that we use.

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Coffee growing in Brazil

Coffee from the Minas Gerais region in West Brazil is used in this blend. With over one million hectares planted, this state is responsible for approximately 50% of the Brazilian harvest. Brazilian coffee is not generally high-grown. Lower growing altitudes means that Brazilian coffees are relatively low in acidity. As a result they tend to be round, sweet and well-nuanced rather than big and bright.

Coffee growing in Central America

The coffee growing countries of Central America produce coffees of a similar profile and are used interchangeably in the blend depending on the harvest period. The Centrals add sweetness, gentle acidity and balance to the blend.

Tasting note:-
Heavy bodied and syrupy, with milk chocolate, caramel sweetness and a clean finish.

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We are experienced in providing coffee bars throughout the UK and Europe.

Our service can be utilised at any function or event. In the past we have been employed to cater at: Property Launches; Conferences; Exhibitions; Product launches; Film launches; Corporate Dinners; AGM’s; Photo Shoots and more.

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